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Senior Lead Engineer – Java

9 – 12 Years

Your day-to-day responsibilities include:
  • Candidate will be member of new initiatives team, where focus is problem solving and innovation
  • Evaluate technology and formulate solution to solve specific technology problems
  • Help other people to build prototype and pass on implementation
  • Architect and design software components for modelling non-functional requirements like performance and scalability
  • Work in teams to achieve common deliverables, collaborate to ensure everybody collectively participated their part
  • Work as individual and deliver specific target where sole requirement is great doer-ship performance
  • Mentor and guide team to scale up and develop hard and soft skillsets
  • Mange conflict arising from gap in technical implementation and customer expectations
  • Code and implement high performance code
  • Conduct design and code review
  • Working on identifying the project risk and planning mitigation action with the PM at project level
  • Participate in organizational processes like recruitments, appraisals, certification audits
Signs of success:
  • You ensure the safety and security of business systems and identify security threats.
  • You change legacy system to new future system
  • You venture into technology not worked before, to solve specific problems
  • You adapt to situations and problems quickly as well as juggle multiple tasks as needed.
  • You love coding
Skills we can’t do without:
  • You code regularly
  • 9+ yrs. experience with software development
  • Encryption decryption in Java with AES/RSA. Key generation, export, and transfer. Encrypting data over transit.
  • Used Secure Random generation, Message Digest, Signature, Cipher selection and padding, Cypher modes, KeyPair Generator, Key Generator, BCrypt based Key Derivation Function BKDF, Key Agreement etc. related to Cryptography.
  • Used Certificates import export from file to code and vice versa. Aware of various certificate formats, Root Certificates, Self-signed Certificates, CA etc.
  • Used OpenSSL command line tool or Microsoft tools to generate and convert certificates.
  • You have a master’s degree in computer science, or graduate in Engineering.
  • Development experience in Web Application using J2EE with NoSQL or RDBMS and/or HTML5, JavaScript (Angular and/or React)
  • Delivered mission critical system for business which directly contributed to organizations revenue.
  • Designed scalable web applications for consumers
  • You are familiar with programming languages, operating systems, design of software, good coding discipline.
  • You are master at debugging running system, even not familiar with
  • You have sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • You demonstrate strong attention to detail.
  • You possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills to explain complex concepts to colleagues and non-technical professionals.
Skills we’d like:
  • Experience with Java/.Net/NodeJS, Spring, ORACLE (SQL /PL/SQL) and/or HTML5, JavaScript (Angular and/or React)
  • You have experience with ElasticSearch/Solr/Lucene or Redis or Kafka or MongoDB as used in a work project
  • Knowledge of agile software development
  • Familiarity with Clean Code principles
  • Interest in new things and fast learning
  • Customer-oriented and independent
  • Ability to deal with change management and risk aversion
  • Strong analytical skills to understand situation and pinpoint conflict cause by two opposite technical factors
  • Strong analytical skills to dissect and differentiate various parts of working system and problem
  • Strong debug skills to resolve issues in a running or broken system
  • Grasp vast details of complex system in stages manner and deal with it
  • Fast learning and getting into details of new technology quickly
  • Excellent problem solving and debugging skill in technology
  • No fear to modify existing working system and ability to achieve specific performance from it
  • Ability to work under delivery pressure and demanding situations
  • Ability to dive deeper into technical stack and problems
  • Ready to work on various technologies as situation demands. Not locked into specific flavor. No fear of unknown technology. No fear of problems. Problem solver stereo type preferred over self-limiting compliance behavior.
  • Exhibits strong Customer focus. Solving problems creates customers.
  • Must have hands on experience in Java and common opensource ecosystem used with Java.
  • Well versed with application of Design Patterns
  • Must have Extensive experience with Application Server platforms and products
  • Solid understanding of relational databases and SQL (MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Knowledge of Redis, Kafka and ELK.
  • Experienced into agile software projects practices.

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