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Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services

AeroQube is a one-stop shop for cyber security services. We provide cutting edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks.
VAPT Services

Web Security

Web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a type of security testing. Vulnerability Assessment involves finding security holes i.e. vulnerabilities in the web application. Penetration Testing involves exploiting the found vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the data or the system itself or making the data unavailable to access or making changes to the data compromising its integrity. Web VAPT helps find out weaknesses before they are exploited making web applications secure.

Web Security

What Are The Common Tools Applications Used In Web Security?

Web VAPT can be either be done manually or with the use of automated tools. There are multiple diverse automated tools available in the market. Automated tools reduce the time and effort required for testing. Also, with wide range of features that these tools offer, it becomes easy to find out the loopholes in the application. Few of pen-tester's favorite tools are mentioned below:

  • Burp Suite :

    Out of all the tools, Burp suite tops the list. Developed by Portswigger, it is one of the most popular proxy tool used to find out web based vulnerabilities in the application.

  • Metasploit :

    Metasploit is widely famous tool among security professionals. From identifying the weaknesses in the application and network and exploiting it to gain further access to the host, Metasploit does it all. With extensive and advanced range of exploits for every vulnerability, it has become every pentester's paradise and for all the right reasons.

  • SQLmap :

    It is an open source tool. It automated the entire process of finding out SQL injection weaknesses and exploiting it to see the extent to which damage can be done.

    Nikto :

    IT a web server scanner which is responsible for scanning severs against potentially threatening vulnerabilities. According to Nikto's official website, web servers are scanned for multiple items such as 6700 dangerous files/programs, outdated versions of servers and version specific problems.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

AeroQube possesses years of security experience ranging from corporate networks to recent customers requiring cloud computing security. Unlike most other security consultancy offerings, in case of cloud security the approach is purely from design perspective.We deep dive into the cloud architecture, and identify various attack vectors which range from network layer of cloud design, to the cloud aware applications running on virtual data centers or virtual development centers.

Types of Security Testing in Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)

Few of cloud testings are mentioned below:

Mobile Apps Security

Due to a heavy dependency on mobile devices, users tend to store their precious data on it. Mobile technology uses Android or iOS operating systems. Both of those are vulnerable to security problems, just as any other operating system. Similarly, the applications created and running on those are vulnerable too, just as any other applications. Hence all applications running on a mobile device pose a bigger security threat to the data. We deep dive into the mobile application architecture, detect various attack vectors for data at rest and data in transit scenarios.

Mobile Apps Security

What do you gain by Mobile App VAPT?

Mobile application security testing service provides in-depth security testing of mobile applications to conform with the high security standards. We test the application for technical, logical vulnerabilities and industry best practices to provide a detailed report with proof of concepts. Detailed remediation procedures are also included to the report to fix the issues.

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